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Why Is Rock Salt Used as an Ice Melt?

Salt is used as an ice melt because it is the most available and most cost-effective safe deicer. The primary type of rock salt used is mined from the earth. Solar salt, which is evaporated from seawater is also used.

Salt is used to keep snow and ice from bonding to the pavement and to allow snowplows to remove ice and snow as quickly and efficiently as possible.


Magnesium Chloride may be the best total ice-melter. It corrodes metal surfaces less, protects concrete, is less toxic and therefore environmentally safer than Calcium Chloride and Sodium Chloride (rocksalt).

Magnesium Chloride is less irritating to the skin, is safer around vegetation and is safe for use around animals and humans.


 Calcium Chloride is a fast acting deicer at all temperatures.

Calcium Chloride does not chemically attach (bond) to concrete and poses the least threat of damage from freeze induced expansion.

Used as recommended, will not harm vegetation.  Calcium Chloride is used as a calcium source for certain fruits and vegetables.

Calcium Chloride gives off heat as it dissolves therefore melting more ice faster at lower temperatures.


    Magic Salt won't cake - no clumps of salt to worry about and won't damage your spreaders.

    Non-Corrosive and it won't damage steel, carpet, wood, asphalt, concrete, flooring and equipment.

    Magic Salt creates traction and therefore eliminates the need for sand.

    Residual effectiveness is high, therefore repeated sanding is reduced.

    You can save 30% to 50% in salt use by using Magic-O™.
    Reduces spring clean-up.

    Biodegradable and environmentally friendly. No unfriendly effects on grass, plants or shrubs.

    Reduces landscape and concrete damage.

    Eliminates black ice.

    Reduces slips and falls.

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